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Welcome to Our Music Library!

We've developed this extensive on-line resource for clients to hear samples of the pieces in our repertoire. Click on a genre in the menu at the left.

Questions about our library

How do I listen to an excerpt? Click the speaker icon to the left of the piece:  
What do the symbols in the first 3 columns mean?   - There is an audio sample for the ensemble type in the column header.  Note:  Some of the audio samples in the quartet (Quar) column may be a full orchestra recording, if a quartet recording was not available.

- We have sheet music for the ensemble type in the column header.

Blank cell - There is not currently sheet music for the ensemble type.

What format are the audio samples in? MP3 format.  If your computer or device doesn't have an MP3 player, many are available for free. Search Google or your device app store.
Do you perform all the pieces on your site? Absolutely!  We simply haven't recorded them all because of the studio time required.
There's a piece I really want you to perform, but I don't see it on your site.  Can you play it? We are constantly adding pieces to our library and may not have had the chance to upload excerpts of them all. Contact us to inquire about a particular piece.
Do you have a list of everything in your library that I can download?

Yes. Below are downloadable PDFs for our different ensembles. Right-click an icon to download the file.

String Quartet

String Trio String Duo
Classical by composer Classical by composer Classical by composer
Non-classical by title Non-classical by title Non-classical by title